Ultra Monkey: High Availability and Load Balancing Solution for Linux [Monkey]
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Ultra Monkey 3 : Download | Installation | Configuration || Linux Virtual Server | Linux-HA | Ldirectord

Ultra Monkey 3

Ultra Monkey 3 makes use of The Linux Virtual Server (LVS) to provide fast load balancing. The Linux-HA framework is used to monitor the linux-directors - the hosts running LVS and doing the load balancing. This is combined with ldirectord which monitors real-server - the hosts that accept end-uers's connections. These three core components allow Ultra Monkey 3 to provide highly available and/or load balanced network services.


Ultra Monkey should work on any Linux Setup that is capable of running a 2.4 or 2.6 kernel. However, in order to provide a reference, a set of packages have been provided for Debian Sarge and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. It is hoped that these will enable Ultra Monkey to be installed more easily for those who are wish to use one of these distributions.

Ultra Monkey 3 is available for download as both source and packges. All files are available from the download directory.


Installation of Ultra Monkey is simply a matter of installing the packages provided. Follow the links below for details on how to do this on the supported distributions.


Ultra Monkey provides a powerful and flexible load balancing and high availablity solution. In order allow users easy access to this a series of sample topologies have been developed, along with detailed configuration instructions. By following these instructions, Ultra Monkey can be configured to provide high availability and/or load balancing for a wide variety of installations. more...

Feedback and Contributions

Ultra Monkey relies on Open Source sofware to work, and all work on Ultra Monkey software is fed back to the community. If you have questions about Ultra Monkey or would like to contribute, then the ultramonkey-users mailing list is a great place to start. more...