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The design of heartbeat is such that if any inter-node communication link is available, then the nodes consider each other to be available. However, this is not always the desired behaviour. For example if a pair of hosts have physical links on the internal and external network, it may be desirable for fail-over to occur if either physical link fails. After all, if such a state occurs, the node will no longer be able to route traffic between end-users and the real-servers.

Heartbeat without IP Fail

The ipfail plugin [offsite] for heartbeat makes this possible by monitoring one or more external hosts known as a ping node. Typically this would be a router or switch on the local network. The ping node is treated as a quorum device. connectivity to a qourum device is lost, then heartbeat's resource manager may triger a failover. In the simple case, if an interface fails on the active linux director, then one of the ping nodes should become unavailable and fail-over will occur.

Heartbeat with IP Fail

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