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For more information, release announcements, bug reports and patches please subscribe to the project mailing list, ultramonkey-users <at> ultramonkey.org.

To subscribe send a message to lisa <at> ultramonkey.org with the body:
subscribe ultramonkey-users your-email-address@some.domain

To unsubsribe send a message to lisa <at> ultramonkey.org with the body:
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An archive is available courtesy of Gmane: NNTP, HTTP.

There is also a separate mailing list for discussion in Japanese. This is hosted on SourceForge.Jp.
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If you need to contact the author directly for some reason, please send email to author <at> ultramonkey.org.

Note On Documentation:

Much of the technical information provided on this site is taken verbatim from Creating Linux Web Farms.

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The following notice is required by the licencing terms of SSLeay whose code base is included in OpenSSL:

  This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric A. Young <eay@cryptsoft.com>.
  This product includes software written by Tim J. Hudson <tjh@cryptsoft.com>.


My current employer, VA Linux Systems Japan.

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