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LVS Presenation - June 2003

The Linux Virtual Server Project (LVS) allows load balancing of networked services such as web and mail servers using Layer 4 Switching. It is extremely fast and allows such services to be scaled to service 10s or 100s of thousands of simultaneous connections.

This presentaion will discuss how LVS works, how to tune LVS to get the best possible performance and recent enhancements that have been made to LVS to improve connection synchronisation and allow active-active clusters.

Presented at VA Linux Business Forum, June 2003, Tokyo, Japan.

1. LVS Funtamentals and Tuning
by Takahiro Kurosawa.
(Japanese only)
2. LVS Enhancements:
by Simon Horman
Connection Synchronisation and Active-Active.
Postscript, PDF, Latex Source
(English only)
New Software: Saru, ip_vs_user_sync.
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